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Backwards Compatible Design [permalink] [comments]

Posted by Tom on Wednesday 12th October, 2011 04:07pm

CSS Design & Graphics Web Development

As web designers we spend a large portion of our time struggling to make the websites we build render the same in different browsers. It is a thankless task, but it is usually demanded by clients, who desire a consistent 'brand experience', or some similarly wrenching phrase, across different platforms. And why wouldn't they? 

Recently, the more sensible browsers (basically all of them except the paleolithic Internet Exploder) have introduced a range of new capabilities broadly known as CSS 3. This includes better alpha transparency, dynamic rounded corners, programmable shadowing and so on. You'll just have to take it from me that giving things rounded corners before this happened was tedium itself. Drop-shadows were possible with dismal hacks, transparency often simply wasn't.

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Colour Scheme Design Tool [permalink] [comments]

Posted by Tom on Monday 5th September, 2011 05:48pm

Design & Graphics Web Development

Pretty Colours

Although there is no substitute for the kind of raw, visceral design gefühl with which one can only be born (ahem), sometimes it's nice to kick start the process of choosing colours with some external suggestions.

One method I like is to pick out all the salient colours from an attractive photograph. Another is to use a tool like this one:

 There you go. Lovely. 

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Where Are We Going Wrong? [permalink] [comments]

Posted by Tom on Sunday 27th June, 2010 09:52am

Web Development

The world's first website was launched almost 20 years ago, and there are more than 250 million of them today, but why are so many of them so painfully difficult to use? As an internet user I am driven to distraction by lazy interface design, poor visual communication and ill-designed websites; it seems that here in Hong Kong things are particularly bad.

I imagine that you, like me, are familiar with the following miserable scenario. You are online and trying to book tickets or buy flowers or find someone's phone number. Your time, like mine and everyone else's, is extremely precious. You have found a website which seems to offer what you need, but after a quick click around your hopes are dashed. You can't find the information you need. You can't work out how to place your order. You can't even find your way back to the homepage. So you give up. You pick up the phone, fill in and fax an order form, dispatch a carrier pigeon or a camel train or do whatever else it is that people did before everything became so horribly difficult, sometime in the nineties.

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A Flash in the Pan [permalink] [comments]

Posted by Tom on Monday 14th June, 2010 08:48am

Web Development

I realise that this is my second strongly negative post recently and I don't want you to draw any hasty conclusions about my mental health but I feel strongly about the web and yes, that does involve hating some things.

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Useful roundup of CSS3 features [permalink] [comments]

Posted by Tom on Saturday 15th May, 2010 05:17am

CSS Links Web Development

This article from the excellent Smashing Magazine describes some of the new effects which can be achieved using CSS3 (some of which have been put to use on this site):

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Ugli's Project Management Process [permalink] [comments]

Posted by Tom on Wednesday 12th May, 2010 02:25pm

Web Development

The following is a rundown of the stages most of our web development projects undergo prior to launch.

1. Concept Phase

During the concept phase we will work with you to formalise the goals of your web design project. Such questions as "why do you want a website?" seem obvious but in our experience, rigid clarity on these matters will dramatically improve the success rate of web design projects.

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